Poetry and Other Links



Housewifery (2015) Dancing Girl Press




Knit Caps: Left of the Lake: 2018

Friend Requesting the Revolution: A New Beat: 2017

This is Not Our Circus: Clockwise Cat: 2016

Plummet of a Self-Righting Vessel: The Bonkness Monster: 2014

I Will Fuck Anyone Who Wears Suspenders: New Gnus: 2011

Reboot, Restart, Reload: Bending Light into Verse: 

All The Other Kids Are Cool: Boo: 2011

Tough Hair, I Get Lonely in the Shower: Boo: 2009

Monkey Puzzle #5


Readings Archive

Get Behind the Arts

Birth of the Beats

Grassroots Wednesday Artist Showcase – Wednesday, January 27 – 7pm

Housewifery – Official Release Party – November 22 @ 530pm – Fusion – Kenosha, WI

w/ Jennifer Karmin and Nick Demski

Reboot, Restart, Reload (Bending Light into Verse)

Reading Doug Draime (Bending Light into Verse)

Reading Howie Good (Bending Light into Verse)

Bonk (2010)




Presentations and Academia 

Women and the Environment 

ACAP and the Donna Lexa Art Centers’s Women’s Empowerment Through the Arts


Reviews and Press

Bone and Ink Press: Featured Writer

Kenosha Poet Laureate

Music Matters – Cheap Sleaze Review

“Book Release Planning for Local Author”

“Our Babies are Dustmites” 

“It’s on Her Reading List – It Should Be on Yours” 


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